Friday, January 24, 2014


No, Seriously! I lost this blog AND my personal blog a while back and have been trying to figure out what on earth happened!

I purchased domain names a few years ago, and renewed them each time I was supposed to. But something happened in early 2013 when Google decided to make some changes. I had free web hosting through them, and from what I understood, since I was already established with them, I would be able to continue the free blog hosting.

But something went wrong. Sometimes they throw a lot of stuff out there that is very confusing, and I apparently missed something. But all of a sudden, my blogs were all distorted and I couldn't do anything about it! I was VERY frustrated! And sad! (Especially about my personal many stories and pictures!)

I decided that somehow, the blogs must still be able to be accessed. They HAD to be! Obviously, my domain name was outdated, so I managed to take care of that. I renewed it with no problem. But then what?

I did figure out that the reason my blogs weren't accessible, is because I had them redirected to my domain name. So I fixed that, and they are BACK, but in blogger. With the doggone address on the end.

So, I have my domain name, and web hosting at GoDaddy, but now I have NO CLUE how to make this work like it did before! If I just click on, it goes to the GoDaddy landing page, not to my actual blog.

It was so easy before, because everything was connected. Now I need to figure how on earth to get it set back up so that I can lose the in my address! For now, the page just tells you to click to get here. But I don't want that!

So, here's to hoping this isn't as difficult as I seem to be making it!

And I WILL be back soon to post some new things...even though it's been a YEAR!!!!! Ugh....